Bulb Problems

To make it easy to find and deal with the pests that usually a a problem for flower bulbs, I've listed them each pest with its own control page right here.

Pests that bother our bulbs in the ground

Squirrels are a major predator of both bulbs and flower buds. Here's how to control them for both problems. I note you may not like one of the solutions.

Pests that bother flowers

Red lily beetle is a pest of lily flowers as it will eat an entire plant to the ground if left uncontrolled. Control methods that work are described in this article.

Earwigs are one of the creepy-crawly pests that thrive on decaying organic matter.

Thrips are tiny flies, hard to see but they leave leaf streaks and unopened flowers behind. Here's the control.

Rabbits are eating my crocus! A Question answered in the newsletter.

General Problems Growing Bulbs

Why aren't my bulbs blooming? is the number one problem in the spring.

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